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About Us

Prue Bartels is passionate about animal welfare. Her fundraising group Glamour Pusses has raised over $50k for groups in Qld and SA.

It frustrated Prue that there are hardly any big brand perfumes on the market today that are truly Cruelty Free. So she started doing research and by chance came across the means to make her own - these are still in test stage but will eventually be released.

It can also be tricky determining whether or not ANY products are Cruelty-Free so when Prue realised she could also make pretty much all her own bath and beauty products, there was no stopping her!

And so Prue has decided to share her pearls...  

Mermaid Soul is serious in their commitment to sell ONLY Cruelty-Free products. Many of our products are suitable for Vegans and are Palm Oil Free but we will only state this on individual items with the assurance from our suppliers.

Please check in here regularly for updates and new products - this is just the start!